Best Activities To Do In ALANYA (2022)

5 Best Activities To Do In ALANYA

5 Best Activities To Do In ALANYA

Voga Real Estate community team, we have listed the 5 best activities you can do in Alanya.
• Boat tour
• Safari Tour
• Paragliding
• Watersports
• Scubadiving

Alanya Boat Tour

Alanya Boat Tour
Alanya Boat Tour

Dozens of boats go on hourly or daily tours from the port in the center of Alanya during the day. Hourly tours are usually conducted during sunset hours. Daily tours, on the other hand, are tours with meals, which are planned in such a way that you can visit several points. These boat tours, which make you feel at peace in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, are organized every day during the summer months. If you are in Alanya, we definitely recommend you to join boat tours. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins or Caretta accompanying the boat.

Alanya Safari Tour

Jeep Safari Tour Alanya
Jeep Safari Tour Alanya

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Alanya is a city full of natural beauty. If you want to see natural beauties, we definitely recommend you to join Jeep Safari tours. You can spend the whole day with the beautiful nature of Alanya with action-packed jeep safari tours, where 10-20 jeeps follow each other, and you can have both an active and a relaxing day. Jeep Safari tours are usually carried out to Sapadere Canyon or Dim Stream region. You can contact any tour agency regarding jeep safari tours.

Alanya Paragliding

Alanya Paragliding
Alanya Paragliding

With the support of the local government in recent years, you can feel this unique city under your feet in the sky with paragliding, which is gaining popularity day by day in Alanya. In the company of a professional pilot, jumps made from the “flat hill” located in the “hill” region of Alanya are made from a height of 700 meters and the flight time takes approximately 25 minutes. The place where you will land at the end of the jump is the world-famous Cleopatra beach. You can contact any tour agency to do paragliding.

Alanya Watersports

Alanya Watersports - Banana
Alanya Watersports – Banana

Alanya watersports activity is among the indispensables. If you want to do an activity full of action and excitement in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, you should definitely do one of the activities included in this activity. On the beaches to the west and east of Alanya, you can find many watersports stations every 2 km. Here are some activities you can do at these stations:

• Parasailing
• Fly Board
• Jet ski
• Sombrero
• Banana
• Water Ski

Alanya Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Alanya
Scuba Diving in Alanya

One of the best activities you can do in Alanya is scuba diving. With scuba diving, you can explore the caves on the castle slopes and see sunken boats. At the end of this activity, which offers the opportunity to see hundreds of fish species in a single spot, you will feel at peace with the fascinating underwater population of the Mediterranean. If you want, you can also dive in the sunken ancient city by choosing the Side region for scuba diving. You can contact your guide or any tour agency for a scuba diving tour.

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