investment in turkey

Investment in Turkey; Why should you invest in turkey?

Since Turkey is a country surrounded by seas on 3 sides, it has 4 seasons. This country, which is home to ancient civilizations circles everywhere, has a large tourist flow. Turkey provides comfortable transportation with 62 airports. After Istanbul, the airport with the most flights is Antalya Airport.
Antalya has enormous natural wonders and advanced city standards. Located in the Mediterranean region. The most preferred district of this city, which consists of 20 districts, is the city of Alanya, which is 2 hours away. Alanya hosts an average of 6 to 9 million tourists.
In 2021, 1 million 492 thousand houses were sold in Turkey. Foreign investors bought 58 thousand 576 thousand houses, increasing by 43.5 percent. With the depreciation of the Turkish lira, Turkey has become a country that provides low prices and high profits. This fluctuation in foreign currency increases the appetite of foreign investors to invest in Turkey.
Last year, 34 thousand 532 houses were sold to foreigners in Alanya. The main reason why foreign investors prefer the city of Alanya in Turkey is its colorful lifestyle and high income. In this city: which lives every hour of the day, food from every cuisine and entertainment type appealing to all ages is indispensable for those who want to invest.
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    Apartments For Sale In Kargıcak Soho Panorama Project: It is a concept where you can stay alone in the Kargicak neighborhood away from the city noise. Everything you want to do is open on 11 30.06.2024.10.2022.


    Apartments For Sale In Gazipaşa Paradise City Project: Our project, which is located near the city center in Gazipaşa district of Antalya, will start on 15.06.2022 and end on 30.12.2023.


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    Apartments For Sale In Kestel Oxo Gem Project: Our project, which holds everything in Kestel, has a starting date of 02.2023, an end date of 01.2024. The total land area of our project is 1585 m2.


    Apartments For Sale In Alanya Avsallar Carmel Park Project: Our project, located in the Quarter of the Avsals, is located in a location where sea and nature are integrated. The total area of land is built in 4428 m2.


    Apartments For Sale In Mahmutlar Terra Rossa Project: Our project in Mahmutlar is within walking distance of the center of Mahmutlar. The total land area of our project, with the start date 07.2022 and the end date 08.2024, is 2380 m2dir.


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