sell your home

Do you want to sell your home in Turkey?

Tens of thousands of houses are sold every day in Turkey. You can sell your home in the fastest way with the right pricing and the right marketing tools. As Voga real estate, we offer you professional consultancy service in real estate sales.

Accurate Pricing

We start our marketing process with the price research of our property. We calculate the analysis of the market with the region expert and technical support programs with minimum deviation. Let’s calculate the plus and minus of your property with the price that comes out, and we give you a 2-stage price (saleable price in 0-30 days, sellable price in 30-120 days). According to this price, we skip the first step in the marketing part of our property.

Professional Real Estate Photo Shoot

Photography, which is the most important criterion of our property. We put our product ahead of other similar products with professional and accurate angle shots in the photo shoot that will bring our product to the fore.

Digital Marketing

With our multilingual website, google ads and social media ads, we make the most of digital platforms and market your real estate globally.

Work Follow

We provide all the service in a professional manner with a smiling face without any contact with you to the customers who come to your property.
As a result of all these, we conclude your house without getting tired and stress-free, by simply bringing you to the title deed.